How to Train Your Dog to Sit

Training your dog is the second thing a person should do after buying a pet. Many people give their dogs to the training center or they train them by themselves. From wherever you train them the method is the same. Following are the steps which you follow to train a dog.

6 Steps to Train Your Dog How to Sit

1. Hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose when he is in a standing position.

2. Move the treat in an arc over the dog’s head but keep the treat near the nose. As you move the treat up his mouth follows the treat and his bottom touches the ground.

3. Exercise this command multiple times a week on regular basis.

4. After some days you will see that when you are performing this exercise the dog sits for a longer period. Now, as the dog moves down say “sit” as a cue word. Don’t say it at the wrong time otherwise it may be associated with some other movement.

5. In addition to that, when the training is over say “okay” as a cue to let your dog know that training has been completed.

6. Repeat this exercise multiple times to ensure the memorization of this command.

Why Teach Your Dog “Sit”

There are many reasons to teach your dog this command “sit”. Some of the reasons are listed below:


The “sit” command is one of the basic commands a dog can learn. It is easy to learn and can be practiced multiple times a day. And it only needs a few steps to perform.

Base for other commands

This command also acts as a base or initial step for other commands such as Stand, Wait, etc. In the case of the “stand” command, the dog needs to be sitting before standing up. So, sit command is essential to lean this command.


The most important reason for learning commands is to be disciplined. The essential part you are teaching your dog is to be disciplined. And the “sit” command is the base for learning discipline.



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