10 Most Popular Dog Breeds of All Time

For years dogs were an integral part of human society and their home. They perform their household chores like guarding, hunting and others. So, dogs become part of their family.

Throughout these years dogs become man’s friends. And it becomes popular to keep a dog in society.

American Kennel Club published a list of Most Popular dogs, which include the ever-popular breeds to most handsome dog breeds. Check out the following list of the most popular dog breeds.

1. Dachshunds

Dachshunds are short and long dogs but they are intelligent and playful breeds. They were originally bred as hunting dogs because of their intelligence and tracking sense. They are also used to track and hunt small burrowing animals. They are popular among experienced dog owners and patient owners due to their wild instincts.

They age about 12 years normally. If you keep them in good condition give them time, take care of their health and play with them. They can age up to 16 years. Dachshunds are in multiple colors, patterns, and coat types. Some of them are Black and Tan, Dapple, and Smooth Coat.

2. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are good nature and family-friendly dogs. Originally, Rottweilers were used for herd livestock by butchers. Hence, they are also known as butcher’s dogs. They guard their herd against wolves and other dangers. Because of the aggressive nature of Rottweilers, they are used as guard dogs. It is popular among shepherds for their livestock protection.

Rottweilers age about 8–9 years. If you keep them in good condition, they can age up to 10 years.

3. Labrador Retriever

For about 30 years Labrador Retriever are the most popular dogs people buy. According to the American Kennel Club Labrador is the most popular dog of all time. People love this dog because of its trusted and family-friendly nature. They are highly intelligent dogs. Due to these traits, they are the most popular breed of all time.

Their ability to seek and detect made them visually impaired. Because of their detecting abilities, they are popular among military units and hunters.

Labradors are medium-sized dogs. They weigh about 55–80 pounds. Their average age is about 10 years but if treated well they can go up to 12 years.

4. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are fancy dogs. They are tiny and adorable. They are easy to keep and train due to their small size. But sometimes they become loud and noisy.

Many dogs shed their coat. Sometimes people don’t buy them because of allergies they have with dog hairs. So, people with allergies problems can adopt Yorkshires because they are less susceptible to shedding hair.

Yorkshires age about 13 years. They are less susceptible to shedding hair so they have other problems. If you take care of their health and clean them regularly, they can age up to 16 years.

5. German Shepherd

German Shepherd is 3rd most popular dog breed after Labrador (according to AKC). They are popular because of their intelligence and gentle & curious nature. They are hard-working and loyal pets. Because of their intimidating looks, people are either afraid of them or love them there is no in-between.

German Shepherds are the protector of their family and territory. They are popular guard dogs due to their high level of intelligence and curiosity.

They are large size dogs with intimidating looks. They weigh between 50–90 pounds. And age between 9–13 years. They often get sick due to temperature differences and diseases. If you treat them well they live longer and healthier.

6. Golder Retriever

They are the 4th most popular dog after Labrador and German Shepherd (according to AKC). According to Statista, 8,653 Golden Retrievers were registered in the UK in 2020 alone.

Golden Retriever are loyal and smart. Due to their friendly nature, they are popular among families with small children. They are full of energy and enjoy playing with children. In many areas, they are also popular as guard dogs.

Golden Retriever’s average is 10–12 years. Their average weight is 65–75 pounds.

7. Beagle

Beagles are cute, small, and even-tampered dogs. Originally, they were hunting dogs because of their magnificent ability to sniff from a distance. They are popular among social people because of their ability to warm up quickly with strangers. Beagles are not ideal as guard dogs because of their small size and even temper.

Children can adopt Beagles because of their small size, even temper, and good social behavior. They lack inherited health problems, therefore, they are less likely to suffer diseases.

Their average age is 12–13 years. But it can be extended up to 15 years if you keep their health checked and their diet perfect.

8. Poodle

Poodle is active, smart, miniature in size and curly coat. Their appearance is reflected in their name. Poodle is roughly translated to the German word Pudel, meaning “to splash about”.

Poodles are available in three different sizes: Standard, Miniature, and toy. They also have different coats and different colors. The average age of Poodle is 12–15 years. A healthy and active dog lives much longer than a weak one.

9. Bulldog

Bulldogs are considered to be tough and dangerous but they are submissive and friendly. Bulldogs are obedient and good-going. They are small and compact animals, therefore, they don’t require lots of space. They are ideal for those of small houses and yards.

Bulldog’s average age is 8–10 years. They are very happy and friendly animals.

10. Husky

Husky is extraordinarily beautiful. Their eyes and coat are the reason people buy this dog. They are good-natured and are affectionate with children. Husky is relatively difficult to pet. They are a relatively difficult breed for the first-time owner because they need a lot of attention and exercise. And are very good at escaping. So, you need to have a check on them every moment.

Their average age is 12–14 years. If you keep a check on them and keep them healthy, their age increases up to 15 years.


The above article shows the popularity of dogs. Their popularity depends on different criteria such as intelligence, loyalty, cuteness, and many others. Different dogs are suitable for different people and behave differently in different environments.



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